Thursday, May 5, 2011

School Starting Soon

SAD..... College starting soon..., no more holiday no more anime no more comics no more PC games .... need to start study, just left one more sam then i will free from study. Study make me stress, hate the feeling, hate exam hate this hate that ==''. 

Nowadays students only know STUDY and EXAM.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Need You To Love Me

I'm just a normal guy,
Who always look at the sky,
Always at home play with the dice,
To fine where is my love site.

Love appear in my mind,
Make me know that love is kind,
Warn me that love is blind,
Tell me that love is not easily to find.

Now I only know you are my true love,
You just like a small bird,
 Some time you can easily hurt,
But i will want to be your glove.

I love you just like the deep blue sea,
Treat you as a mangrove tree,
One day your leaf can make green tea,
Love make u grow strong from a seed.

I need you to love me,
Because you are my only,
You make me not lonely,
And you always make me happy.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pray For Japan

Pray for Japan,
Hope they will recovery soon.
Nothing can brink you down,
When you stand up after fall down.
You must be strong,
When you face problem.

Hot Weather

Today wake up at 10 am, still in holiday mood without work. What a boring and hot weather, I all most melt in my bed =.= '' . WHY TODAY SO HOT ! ! ! Tak boleh tahan liao, feel wanna eat 10 ice cream. So sad that my house no air condition. Haizzz, hope it can rain and brink the better weather to me if not i realy will MELT...

Monday, April 11, 2011


Holiday already..... and finish exam...... But i feel so boring although exam finish because  HOLIDAY VERY BORING. Now try to find work cause no money use in this holiday so I cant go shopping or movies.... Hope can find work in this holiday because i need to buy many comics and cards >.<


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Do Home Work

Today is sat day, a day that allow me to go out relax with my card's friends, but my friend sick. So today plan to stay at home study for next week exam (Mat). I wake up at 9 am in this morning then go play computer and took my breakfast. when 12 pm i start do my home work until 4 pm then only go take one hour break. Feel stress because some mat question not easy for me to do so use much time to think. Hope my friend will be better and next week we go out play cards again, if not i will very boring. >.<  Now i lazy to write too long so i stop here... XD

Friday, February 25, 2011


Today just like normal day go to college study, after finish class i went to join my friend study group for mat. After study until 3 pm we decided to go KLCC for movie. Ker zhong, meng cheng and chia meng agree with me, so we decided to watch the Mechanic. Our movie start at 5.45 pm so we go to the Kinokuniya book store shopping. I spend most time in Japaneses part and finally i bought a Japaneses magazine V-Jum.

After that time to go for movie. Finally we only\ know this movie was about killer, very BORING but in mid part very funny. Until 7 pm we only went back and i feel very tired.